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  • Aura Contrivers Private Limited

    S 60, S-Block Kovaipudur,
    Coimbatore - 641042
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641042

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About Us

Aura Contrivers Private Limited, has redefined the standards of quality, commitment, Integrity and established itself as one of the top developers in the real estate reign. Impeccable quality and peerless workmanship are the hallmarks of our architectural creations. Being backed by a skilled workforce, Aura is managed by experts who have carved a niche for themselves in the real estate realm. Aura firmly believes that the lynchpin of the construction business is reliability. Team Aura subscribe to this axiom, verbatim. As engineers first and architects the foremost, we are fastidious, giving due importance to each and every element, details, aspect and process. The strength of the structure we create, the aesthetics of the villas we manifest, and the curb appeal we give to the exterior to turn it enchanting…everything depends on our commitment to go to the depth of the chore and give it our best to delight the customer.

Our customers repose 100% trust in our capabilities and commitments. Aura’s projects are not just about building the villas; instead, it is building a sustainable network of people, neighbors and friends.

Aura has always made it a point to offer all our clients and investors superlative value additions and ROI. This trust is what drives us to go that extra mile to present something monumental to the community every time, exceeding our benchmarks in elegance and opulence.

Aura is known for its work ethos, transparency and values. When a prospect comes to us looking for his dream house, we make things explicit and crystal clear through a demo. Wherever customization is desired, we oblige without compromising on quality of the materials being used, workmanship and aesthetics of the villa.


  • Sunesh J.M

    Having associated with Aura team for more than three years, we can vouch them as one of the best builders in Coimbatore. They are committed to their work and deliver the projects on time. All their projects are planned in detail and they provide spec for all details including cement, bricks, plumbing and tiles which is really good because we are aware what we will get for the amount we pay. Also, the amenities they provide are top-notch. Kudos to the team for providing exemplary services.


    Aura Contrivers Pvt Ltd. is simply the best. No words can describe the work and construction quality that went into my house. I highly recommend to contact them for those who is interested in building your own homes. I'm 110% satisfied in terms of cost and quality they are the best.

  • Shanmuga Kumar

    The quality of the construction is good. They support for all the customizations that the customer needs. The Nisargha project is very well planned community. Its because of Aura I own a villa there. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

  • Karthick Selvaraj

    I booked a plot and built my villa completely constructed by this firm. I am mind blown by the team work and the construction quality. They even handled all the paper work including registration. No hassles at all. As far as im concerned, i would definitely recommend Aura Contrivers to anyone who is looking for a new home. Youll will definitely not regret it. They have a unique style of working and taking care of their customers. If there were 10 stars i would give them. Thank you Aura Contrivers

  • g.sathish waran

    These villas are exclusively made based on the customer perception and more reliability and particularly excellent quality. Very smooth and friendly approaching and gud mechanism of transaction with customer at anytime. Completely taken care related to Vasthu , Manaiyadi sasthram to accommodate the customers in easiest & peaceful way. Flexibility in changing plan, design & etc. It's pride to have this kind of convenient builder.

  • vigneshvar manavalan

    I can highly recommend the guys at Aura Contrivers.I have developed a great working relationship with the team. They work for you and with your interests at heart. They give great advice and ideas and very keen for your project to be a success. I have recommended them to family and friends.

  • M Monisha

    Aura Contrives building a good grade of customized villas.. I feel happy to purchase a villa in this project. Good environment too.Kudos to their entire team.

  • Balaji TK

    Construction quality is excellent , timely finishing of my villa even during COVID times, no ambiguity and all the terms are captured in the agreement and they execute exactly as per the terms . good secured environment with more cosmopolitan look . Only underground cabling villa project in the entire Kovaipudur.. Friendly and humanly approach to the clients queries by the Aura team. The Aura team is always helpful in nature .

  • vignish swaminathan

    I bought a house here ,u will never find such a quality and affordable gated community in Coimbatore other than aura contrivers community ,the total management is ground to earth and be like a family with all ,they are never compromising on quality and timely delivery ,they are also doing all the works which were promised ,I would highly recommend to buy a property from them ,it will be a beautiful home for u for sure .

  • S Narasimman

    First of all layouts are formed in very good location to live like kovaipudur and auro contrivers model houses are some thing different than other promoters, as well as facilities they provide inside the don't miss the location and houses made by Auracontrivers pvt Ltd..

  • MahaLakshmi Santhosh

    Good site n added to it the planning of the villas.. the quality of workmanship is shown in Thier work ... Friendly staffing services ready to help out and reachable and approachable for any queries beyond Thier horizon too... Good show guys keep rocking... A star class villas ... Mass

  • Hari Vignesh

    If you're looking for an ostentatious villa with conceived grandiose plans thn here you make a choice at Nisargha Avenue presented by Aura contrivers Pvt. Ltd, It's an Awe-inspiring weather out ther!! And these people are with full of integrity and trustworthy..

  • divya logesh

    Aura is one of the companies that has the best customer support as well as customer satisfaction. They have a dedicated team who is completely corporative at anytime of the day and week. The best part being they keep you updated on daily basis and the kicker is the whole house is completely customisable according to what I needed. Excellent work Aura Contrivers Pvt Ltd.

  • 6C35 Shrinidhi C S

    Wonderful Finishing of Villas, i was inspired by them in design, spacious, Ventilation, Gardening and a lot more. They honor their delivery schedule perfectly. I never get any tension during my villa construction. Locality of my Villa in Coimbatore also very calm and peaceful. I strongly emphasize anyone have interest in villas please get visit Aura Contrivers private ltd.

  • rajeshb30

    Aura Contrivers Private Limited is a leading developer of premier real estate especially the villas in Kovaipudur resonate the beauty and marvel. Each villa is housed in greenery of Kovaipudur and comes with pure air & water & all amenities that make up for a peaceful and wonderful living. The promoters have a tremendous amount of experience in construction and have completed a lot of villa based communities in Kovaipudur. Overall we are very happy with two of our villas (2 - different projects) that we bought from Aura Contrivers Private Limited. This company is very trustworthy and we are very happy with uncompromising passion for the highest quality and detailing, exceptional design and craftsmanship which we see in all their projects.

  • Ravi Subramaniam

    This is the perfect place to live in Coimbatore, its opt for my living.. In this layout they are provided the entire basic infrastructures for us, the villas are structured with unique features. Am happy to buy a villa in this project...

  • Narayanan N

    Aura Contrivers Pvt LTD is a best property developers. This is my third property with them. Love their customer service and on time delivery. Villas are well planned with all the basic amenities and location at its best with good view of the Western ghat mountain range. Thanking them for guiding and serving us the best. Wishing them reach great heights of success!


    Aura contrivers Pvt Ltd is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy. This was the only company that truly listened to my desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead in choosing Villa. They have a trustworthy, courteous and hardworking group of craftsman. The end was everything and more than I was hoping for. While they were not the cheapest pricewise, the cost is worth it in the end. Thank you for showing and educating me on Villa.

  • Dr.Sindhanaiselvan K

    Well organised individual villas for gated community. Villas are constructed with framed structure. Seems all amenities matches the basic needs. Genuine and decent approach. Purely customised villas at decent prize.

  • Chaitanya A C V

    Very genuine and reliable property developers in Kovai Pudur. They showcase expertise in their work and are clearly pioneers in the field. They have many ongoing projects and well known for on time delivery within budget. My preferred choice of property developers locally.

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