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A regular fad these days are ceramic coatings. What's even more common are detailers selling them as layers. It sounds all fancy when you are told 5 to 9 layers of ceramic coatings are on your car but science tells us ceramic coatings get weaker with an increase in layer as coatings are meant to bond to the paint. When layered the bond reduces to point that the 3rd or 4th layer has no bond and simply gets wiped off.

Modesta is a Japanese brand that manufactures high quality single layers rather than multiple weak layers. With Modesta we have range of ceramic coatings namely Modesta's BC08 which is our entry level coating that gives us a reading of 3 to 4 microns from a single layer (equals to 8 layer from a single layer) going up to our mid-segment coating which is either BC03, BC04, BC05 that measures up to 8 microns from a single layer (equals to 16 to 18 layers). Modesta's flagship coating which was developed along with Paul Dalton from Miracle detail is the worlds thickest single layer coating that can reach up to 10 microns from a single layer.

Modesta paint coatings gives your paint
Unmatchable gloss and depth to the finish
Great resistance towards acidic etching.
Great resistance towards oxidation
Helps in the easy cleaning of dirt and grime
Graffiti resistance
Thermal resistance
Proper washing methods protects your paint from swirls and scratches
Protection from bird droppings


  • Bijesh

    Great Place , Nice washing

  • Sayyad Khadar

    Good place in Adyar for car care. Would highly recommend this place for people in and around Adyar :)


    Lak service is very bad quantity product is poorAnd they give duplicate product r 1 Star rating dis

  • Nasimul Barbhuiya

    Very bad service and duplicate product

  • Umakanth

    You get to see a nice collection of cars here! For ppf and other accessories this is the place to go to! Owned by a racing driver and current F3 driver coach and team principal they know what they are doing so definitely recommended.


    Very professional car detailing services. Highly recommended

  • Rohan Ramakrishnan

    The attention to detail at OCD is fantastic, a very lasting service. Highly recommended!

  • Swetha S

    Best car detailing and cleaning services in Chennai.

  • Tmj Group

    Very few times you come across a genuine service and this is one of them!

  • Ravi Raj Chakravarthy S

    THE BEST CAR DETAILING SERVICES in Chennai, What not? in the WHOLE COUNTRY! Just drive your car into one of their sheds and You'll know why they are the best!

  • Kiran Sugumaran

    Went to OCD for a quick car wash. The work performed was very top notch. It was the finish i expected. Their name says it all. Final inspection was done by Mr. Niranjan himself and looked every single spot and made sure the car was spot less. I am really carried away by the way they dressed the interiors. Worth visiting them.

  • Praveen Kumar

    Quality value for money perfectisom. I have visited this.place more than 3 or 4 times. No negatives. Day to day the quality is going high. You come give ur car sit and relax. The work will be completed within no time. Neat and excellent.

  • Gopinath K

    Highly trained proffesionals. I have trusted them with taking delivery of my brand new luxury vehicle, even before meeting Mr.Niranjan(Who owns OCD), and they really deserve that. They did every thing for my vehicle and deliver it after complete PPF and lot more additional services. Love the garage. Clean tidy and hygienic as well, Nothing less than a work of art. Passionate Owner and the person who manages knows the product well. No need to worry abt the products, Its genuine and they stand by their product 100%. I came to know abt OCD via google and its reviews. Even though I am from entirely different city 400 Kms away, and I drove all the way just for the detailing and other services,its completly worth it. The took care of my vehicle as of their own. I am glad I visited OCD. Will visit often

  • Archana Balaji

    Best place to have your cars shined. They are experts at exterior detailing.

  • Abishek Ajithkumar

    I absolutely loved the results of their machine wax package. It included a round of good wash, drying, buffing, and a wipe. The car looks spotless!

  • Vaitheesh. Subramanyam

    I took my moms car for a quick detail and ended up doing a mini overhaul based on Pavithra’s recommendations. It took 5 guys a couple of hours to wash, claybar, polish and cleanse the car. Absolutely fantastic results and a very good team. Being a hobby ocd myself, I noticed good products used. One thing I would suggest is the car would have had better results with glue tar remover and fallout iron decontamination. But we get what we pay for. Highly recommend this place.

  • Rohith Joshua

    This place has an amazing car detailing service. The service and care applied on the car make it look better than the first day bought. Real proper finish! The clean polished look lasts months with minimal maintenance.

  • Naveen Jayakumar

    Considering the fact that the owner, Mr.Niranjan is a soft spoken gentleman, I need to put my review across in a professional manner, setting aside all the anguish I have about this place. Looking at all the positive reviews about OCD , I guess I’m one of the unluckiest clients they may have served. They may have a few lavish cars at show in the centre, but it stops at that. My brand new bmw got a fantastic quote from my known devil (3m car care), stone’s throw from my home and have taken care of my previous BMW’s. I still felt I need some passionate posh car detailing centre to protect my new car. I googled, got flattered by the reviews and landed in OCD (My first mistake). Their quote was 1.5 times more than 3M to which I agreed because of Niranjan’s gentlemanly approach. After handing over my car, I had to wait for twice the no of days they had promised initially. Finally when they claimed my car was ready by noon, I went there by 4:30pm and got delivery by 6pm ! I was thrown a time bomb quote of almost twice that of the initial quote (which was already higher). I guess the price of commodities increased 2 fold for them in 2 days. When I finally collected my car and took it out of their showroom, we found a nail in the trye. Thank god the car was 4 day old and was in Bmw secure plan that I had to spend 2000 for tyre replacement. Exactly 48 hours after I collected my car from them, I have at least 4-5 air bubbles and voids in prominent areas. I heard from the owner that they are finding it difficult to get expert technicians. I would not recommend this place if you love your car. Extremely sorry Niranjan. I’m looking forward to see your centre grow even more professional with your own expert technicians and not the ones hired occasionally.

  • Rafeeq Ahamed

    AWESOME JOB! My friend wanted help to his car to be clean the stains off his cloth seats and interior detailing along with exterior body wash and waxing. We reached out to OCD Detailing. I've heard a good reviews about OCD thru few of my friends. OCD is famous for handling Super cars and Super bikes. Initially I was hesitant to reach out to them coz of budget constraints as they are super car handlers. Most of the super car owners in Chennai send their cars to OCD for detailing services. But my assumption was wrong. They are budget friendly. Infact, I checked with 3M and few other similar detailing outlets. OCD s pricing was Rs.1000 less than what others quoted for the same service. Not only did they get all the stains off from seats, the windows are spotless, and the air is way fresher. I'm telling you, car is SPOTLESS! The attention to detail is impeccable. Seats, headlights, tail lights, floor boards, dash board, cup holders, door handles, glove box, middle console, air vents, roof clothes, rims, tires, windows, wind shield wipers, EVERYTHING, looks amazing! My friend and his car is really really happy. Another highlight is, Mr. Ashwath who manages the Indra Nagar outlet advised us to go for the required services and avoided the unnecessary Service and saved us from unwanted expenses :) No question, OCD Detailing is the best money can buy when it comes to detailing your car. They do the best job we have seen of anyone.THANK YOU OCD DETAILING!!!!

  • Saju Mathew

    They did an ok job. The staff at the shop are very arrogant towards an opinion from the customer. But the manager is a very understanding person and takes care of the work.

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